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Trumpeters Ice Tea somehow fulfills my love for tea, while also being ethically sourced… Trumpeters had the boys putting down their beers.

The Girl Who Lived For Clothes


Trumpeters is refreshing and very easy drinking. I poured it over ice with a wedge of lemon, which is exactly how I love my ice tea.

Sarah Han

The AU Review

Trumpeters represent a celebration of the simple things in life such as sharing an ice-cold beverage with a friend or enjoying a tipple whilst watching a set from your favourite band.

Laynie Kelly


Stumbled on this product at a friend’s party, it is very refreshing and a great accompaniment for a BBQ. So fantastic to find out it is a Melbourne product.



This drink isn’t overly sweet (and doesn’t have that weird after taste which I’ve found in some of its competitors). This will definitely be a staple in my fridge this spring/summer



When served over ice and with a slice of lime it’s the perfect antidote to a day in the summer sunshine.

Beat Magazine


From the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, Trumpeters is brewed by cold extraction over 24 hours, using high grown organic BOP tea leaves from the southern region of Sri Lanka. We ensure that the leaves we use are ethically sourced directly from the farmer. Not only does this benefit our farmers’ community, it gives us year round access to some of the highest quality teas in the world. We blend our cold brew with traditionally distilled cane spirit and a hint of citrus. The subtle sweetness comes from our sparing use of organic sugar (no more than 6%).

Sourcing quality ingredients is our passion and we’re also wary to exclude added extras such preservatives, colours and additives. Trumpeters is gluten free and suitable for vegan diets, making it an exceptional alternative to beer or cider.

If you enjoy blending flavours and ingredients, Trumpeters makes an excellent base for cocktails with a complimentary dash of lemon, lime or mint to enhance the natural experience.



Trumpeters Ice Tea

PO Box 46
Niddrie VIC 3042
Phone: 1300 ICE TEA


National – ALM (Product Code 378416)
Victoria – Raw Wine & Beer – Michael Gow – 0412 100 801
Victoria – Festival City Wines – 03 9361 168
Victoria – Paramount Liquor – 03 9311 6655
Queensland – Liquoriuos – Mark Woodward – 0407 801 950
Western Australia – Liquor All Sorts – Scott Barron – 0418 933 240
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